Did You Know?

THERE IS A NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR MAMMOGRAMS called tomosynthesis which is a 3D mammogram. It’s more accurate than the 2D pictures. It’s recommended for people with family history for breast cancer or dense breast that are hard to “read” on conventional mammography. It is still recommended that an annual screen be performed because of the 10% chance that a lesion is missed and in 2 years it can develop into a tumor.

THERE ARE NEW GUIDELINES FOR PAP SMEARS. If you never had an abnormal pap or HPV detected on a pap and are in a monogamous relationship you only need a screening every 3 years. An annual gyn exam however is more than just a pap test. It also evaluates your ovaries, to make sure there are no cysts and the uterus that it’s normal in size.

THE NEED TO START FOLIC ACID SUPPLEMENTATION 1 month before conceiving to avoid neural tube defect in the baby. The recommended dose is 400 micrograms.

IF YOU ARE THINKING OF CONCEIVING you only need to stop hormonal contraception 1 month before planning to start. Sometimes it takes a few months to regain regular menstrual cycles. It is called post pill amenorrhea and it is nothing to worry about unless there was a history of menstrual irregularity before.

THE AVERAGE AGE OF MENOPAUSE or cessation of menses is 51 y.o. However it is the 3-5 years before menopause a period referred to a perimenopause that cause all the unwelcomed symptoms of hot flushes, menstrual irregularities, insomnia and mood instability.  The newest recommended non hormonal treatment for hot flushes are the SSRI group of medications.  An alternative medical approaches that has been shown to have benefit is acupuncture.

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